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Warm Winds

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This scent is a combination of earthly lemongrass infused with fresh tropical-based oils such as Mango & peaches; in addition to our signature use of hemp and moringa. Warm winds describe a  gentle summer breeze that combs through North America from the Pacific Ocean and visits us through windows, front stoops,  porches, pastures, and city skylines as a reminder of the union of the wind and sun. This fusion was created with the purpose of not only providing a fresh smell to its wearers, but also giving them the same moment of comfort & warmth, gifting to us from the Ocean, Sun, and Winds.

  • Lemongrass essential oils
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Mango essential oils
  • Hemp oil
  • Moringa Oi

1 review for Warm Winds

  1. Rodica

    Good quality!

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