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Madie Bell Nicholson will forever be crowned as the warm-hearted matriarch of the Nicholson family. It was from her home on Euclid Street in North Philadelphia, where she poured love, wisdom, and strength into her family and community by filling rooms generously with warmth and love while impacting lives through her wisdom, humor, wit, and home-cooked meals. The memory of her spirit is the inspiration behind our hand-crafted Shea La Bell body butters, in the hopes that they bring the same smile and comfort to you, as your shine and scents entice the room!

At Shea La Bell, we are very intentional about the ingredients chosen for our products and process, and how they can be of benefit to our customers. Something our family learned from the legacy of Madie Bell Nicholson, ( and her world-famous coffee cakes) was the value of details in crafts,  and how attending to those details is a transfer of love, not only for the finished product but for those who enjoy them. Our Shea Butters, Cocoa Butters, Soaps, and other products are enhanced with an assortment of Moringa, Hemp, and other ingredients to our signature ‘Shea -La-Formula’. Our products are handmade with care for your moisturizing, ache relief, and health-promoting needs! At Shea La Bell you get a product that heals, strengthens, and nourishes your skin; while going beneath the surface to ease muscles to lift energy.